Whitetail Deer: We are fortunate to have great genetics on this property even though we have a less dense deer population than the deep Hill Country. Outstanding deer have been taken and also spotted on camera. TP&W antler restrictions help improve the antler quality throughout the region. The deer management plan is reviewed and adjusted each year in an attempt to increase the number of deer.

Rio Grande Turkey: The ranch has a strong turkey population. Large flocks are common in the fall and winter. In the spring, their willingness to respond to calling makes for exciting hunts.

Wild Hogs: The booming hog population has not missed this ranch! Hog sign is everywhere, and it’s not uncommon to see herds of hogs in the fields and creeks as well as below feeders. They offer year round sport whether hunting from a stand or stalking them through the brush.

Waterfowl: It’s a spectacular sight to watch the flocks of ducks that cover the main lake! Mallards, Canvasbacks, Widgeons, and many other species often fill the fall sky. Success has been had during the early teal season. The lake has been a known duck hotspot for years. The rivers and creeks are home year round to Wood Ducks and Mallards.

Coyote and Varmints: Pursuing coyotes and other varmints provide another chance to hunt anytime throughout the year. Hunters are encouraged to hunt coyotes as part of the deer management plan. Seen less often, but still plentiful are the bobcats and fox. There also seems to be no shortage of raccoons, opossum, squirrels, and rabbits.

Exotics: Not seen often, but at times calling the ranch home are various species of exotics. At one time, the ranch had a reproducing population of blackbuck antelope. They eventually moved to the more open ranch to the west of us. The stray fallow deer has shown up at the feeders over the years, as well as a pair of impala antelope. Not on the ranch yet, but spotted nearby are the tough aoudad sheep.