Two deer are allowed per member. The limit is one trophy buck and one spike buck. TP&W antler restrictions apply in these counties. Antlerless deer and doe are not allowed to be taken at this time. Two turkeys are allowed per year. You may take as many hogs and varmints as you wish. TP&W limits apply to waterfowl and migratory game birds. You may bring your child to hunt with you at no extra charge. They must hunt in the blind with you. Any deer or turkey taken by your child counts toward your limit.

Each hunter is given an area to hunt. You have the option of feeding and erecting a stand or blind; however, all deer hunting is from stands or blinds only. Bow hunters may put up tree stands or tripods in the vicinity of their feeders. For safety reasons, still hunting or stalking is not allowed during deer season.

The ranch is home to whitetail deer, turkey, and wild hogs. Black buck and fallow deer have been spotted on the ranch. There is dove hunting in the fall and good duck hunting on the main lake. There are also coyote, bobcat, and fox.