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Putty Deer Lease

An exclusive member's only hunting lease just an hour and a half from the DFW metroplex

About the Land

Located in Hamilton County at the gateway of the Texas Hill Country, the Putty Ranch has been a fixture in the region for well over 50 years. In the late 1950s, seven small farms and homesteads were consolidated into the current 2,700 acre Putty Ranch. Early settlers were attracted to the rolling hills and endless vistas crossed by winding creeks and rivers. Majestic oak groves, hundreds of years old, dot the rugged countryside. This area has been visited by hunters for over 10,000 years as evidenced by the stone tools and middens scattered across the countryside.


Today, the ranch is a great place to visit, explore, or hunt with your children. Enjoy spectacular, starry nights around the campfire. View the sea of wildflowers that line the hills in Spring. Search for ancient fossils or dinosaur tracks along the creeks and river. Appreciate a glimpse into early Texas life on the ranch by visiting the several old homesteads that are still standing.


Prehistoric hunters came to the area for the mammoth, camels, and ancient horses. Today, the wildlife has changed, but the thrill of the hunt has not!

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Located one and a half hours southwest of Fort Worth, and just two miles southwest of Hico, TX

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