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  • Is alcohol allowed?
    No. This is an acohol and smoke-free lease. This rule is in place for liability reasons and makes the property more kid friendly.
  • Are guests allowed on the ranch?
    Members are allowed to hunt with up to two children at a time and they must be supervised at all times. Check current rules for the expanded guest policy.
  • Must I notify anyone before visiting the lease?
    Yes, you must list yourself on the member calendar before any visit. Day trips included
  • Are 4-wheelers, UTVs, or  golf carts allowed?"
    4-wheelers, 3-wheelers, motorcycles, and side-by-sides are not currently allowed on the ranch. Electric golf carts are allowed.
  • Can I camp out on the ranch away from the cabin?
    Yes. Please state your intentions on the member calendar.
  • Can I bring my horse?
    Currently, horses are not allowed.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Currently, dogs and pets of any kind are not allowed.
  • Can I hike around the property?
    Yes, you may hike anywhere on the property during non-deer season.
  • Can my child hunt alone?
    No. Your child must be hunting with you in the same stand, no matter their age.
  • Will other members be able to hunt my stand?
    Only with your permission.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning and stocking the cabin?
    It is up to the members to clean the cabin and bring their own supplies.
  • Can I bring a travel trailer?
    Yes, there are RV hookups for electricity and water. You may leave the trailer at the cabin year-round, for as long as you are a member.
  • Can my child kill a deer?
    Yes, but it will count toward your limit.
  • Can I plant a food plot?
    Deep plowing or fenced in food plots are not allowed. You are welcome to use a no-plot food plot in your hunting area.
  • Is there a deer management plan in place?
    TP&W antler restrictions are in place. Deer harvest rules are evaluated on a yearly basis.
  • Can I still/stalk hunt deer?
    Deer hunting may only be done from a stand.
  • Can I put up bow blinds or tree stands in my area?
  • Can I hunt wild hogs?
    Yes, during non-deer season you may hunt hogs anywhere on the property. There is no bag limit on hogs.
  • Can I use dogs for hog hunting?
    No member's dogs are allowed on the property.
  • Can I hunt hogs after dark?
    Yes. Please state intentions on the member calendar to avoid potential visits from the Sheriff or Game Warden.
  • Can I leave carcasses in the field?
    Please dispose of the carcass in a creek or river bottom if able. Do not leave any carcass in the vicinity of the runway or main ranch roads.
  • How many turkeys can I shoot?
    Two is the combined fall and spring limit. Only Gobblers, no shooting of hens is allowed.
  • Can I use a rifle during spring season?
    No, you are able to turkey hunt anywhere on the property so only shotguns are allowed.
  • Can I duck hunt during deer season?
    Yes, if there are no members deer hunting in the adjoining areas.
  • Can I duck hunt all seasons?
  • Can I bring my dog duck hunting?
    No member's dogs are allowed on the property.
  • Can I dove hunt anywhere on the property?
    Yes, but only until the week before deer bow season begins. This prevents members' deer hunting areas from being disturbed before the season opens.
  • Can I hunt late or second season?
    Yes, if it doesn't interfere with deer hunters.
  • Can I plant a sunflower plot?
    No, you cannot plow or disturb the soil.
  • Can I fish the lake and ponds?
    Yes. You may keep and cook the fish you catch at your own risk.
  • Can I put a boat on the lake?
    Yes. you may keep your boat by the lake or the cabin. It is recommend you keep it and the trailer locked.
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